Heckler 6U Black Grey Credenza with Dual Display support

Heckler AV Credenza Sneak Peek

Great video meetings require gear. Lots and lots of gear. Creating and deploying reliable, state-of-the-art video conferencing systems is a challenge. Then there's the challenge of appeasing executives, facilities managers, ADA, electricians, architects, furniture specifiers, and interior designers. And don't get us started about the project budget and schedule.

Enter Heckler AV Credenza.

With Heckler AV Credenza you can forget about camping out in each meeting room for a day-and-a-half to install. With Heckler AV Credenza you can stop dumping a rat's nest of cabling and gear behind the display - people can see that mess. Don't kid yourself. 

With Heckler AV Credenza you can: 

  • Use any displays, compute, components, and camera you like most
  • Save valuable room space relative to carts and conventional credenza furniture 
  • Maintain ADA compliance
  • Configure your gear on a tabletop in your office
  • Install in the meeting room in minutes, not hours
  • Rack 6U of components, mount VESA-compatible components, and organize all the wires
  • Choose to support the Credenza with legs or wall studs
  • Choose to support the weight of one or two displays to the Credenza
  • Rest or mount your large conferencing camera atop the credenza at eye-level while maintaining ADA-compliance
  • Route all power and cabling in front of the wall, cleanly out-of-sight

Heckler AV Credenza will be available in multiple colors. The front panel can be customized with a number of fabric and material finishes to beautifully complement your work environment.

Please contact your Heckler Design Authorized Dealer to order yours.

Accepting dealer pre-orders July, 2019. Available & shipping to all in August.

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