Deploy iPad 10th Generation with All-New Heckler Mounts and Stands

With the iPad 10th Generation recent release, Heckler has created all-new iPad 10th Generation stands and mounts so you can deploy with your favorite hardware. 

WindFall Stand. 10th Anniversary.

Since June 2012, our authentic iPad point-of-sale stands have graced the countertops of the best shops in the world. To celebrate its tenth year and our latest version we are bringing back its original "WindFall" name. H750.

Zoom Rooms Console.

Put iPad 10th Generation in control of your Zoom Rooms with this newly-refined console. Available with and without a pre-installed PoE and Ethernet adapter. H751.

Side Mount.

Create flexible and capable room scheduling systems with iPad 10th Generation. Deploy with your choice of PoE and Ethernet adapter. H753.

Front Mount.

Got flush glass walls in your meeting rooms? No problem. Front Mount solves that tricky mounting challenge. H754.

Wall Mount MX.

Slim, esthetic, and commercial grade - mount the newest iPad to in-wall gang boxes. H755.

OnWall Mount.

Want to wall mount the newest iPad without cutting drywall? This unique mount floats your iPad esthetically while providing a secure pocket to store your PoE and Ethernet adapter. H756.

VESA Mount.

Create convenient points of service and so much more by beautifully adapting the newest iPad to the VESA standard. Now compatible with Apple Pencil storage. H757.

Stand Portrait.

Powerful digital signage and visitor registration have never been simpler or looked this good. H759.

Meeting Room Console.

Deploy capable room controllers, customer check-in systems, and more with our low-angle stand - perfect for on-screen typing. H760.

All nine products will soon be available to place orders on the website but in the meantime you can check out our iPad 10th Generation Stands and Mounts Sales Sheets with more info.

iPad 10th Generation Sales Sheets