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ADA Panel Set


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Color – Black Grey

Our ADA Panel Set creates ADA-compliant guide paths in meeting spaces, with sculpted panels wrapped in sophisticated Maharam textiles. Easily install for a smoother flow for wheelchair and other mobility device users. With five textile colors to choose from, you can create stylish, accessible collaboration spaces.

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ADA Panel Set
ADA Panel Set
ADA Panel Set
ADA Panel Set
ADA Panel Set
ADA Panel Set
ADA Panel Set
ADA Panel Set
ADA Panel Set
ADA Panel Set
Designed and Made in Arizona
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Create accessibility for dual displays

Install ADA Panels to help redefine your room's guide path when upgrading your AV Wall with dual displays or an extra large display. Our ADA panels are sculpted with the same curves as Video Meeting Kit for Heckler AV Wall, and wrapped in the same fabrics, creating an intentional esthetic.

Looks great with AV Credenzas, too.

ADA Panels are designed to look great when used in combination with Heckler AV Credenza 4U and AV Credenza Mini. Wall mount ADA Panels where your rooms could benefit from a more accessible guide path.

Combine panel sets as needed.

To create and accessible guide path around an ultra large display or displays, you can deploy multiple ADA Panel sets. ADA Panels add three inches to your guide path so displays may protrude up to seven inches off the wall.

Available in five colors.

ADA Panels are available in a selection of Maharam textiles that match your Heckler AV Wall, 4U Credenza or Credenza Mini.

Easy installation.

Quickly align and wall-mount each ADA Panel using our included templates and mounting brackets.

In the box.

Two ADA Panels
Two mounting brackets
Two installation templates
Assembly hardware

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  • Heckler SKU

    Two years

  • Product Dimensions
    23.25 x 23.25 x 3 inches
    591 x 591 x 76 mm

    Shipping Dimensions
    26.5 x 26.5 x 5.5 inches
    673 x 673 x 140 mm

    Product Weight
    18 lbs
    8.2 kg

    Shipping Weight
    25 lbs
    11.3 kg

  • Material
    Stainless Steel
    High-density Urethane (HDU) Front Panel wrapped with polyester fabric

    H800 Heckler AV Wall
    H801 Media Kit for Heckler AV Wall
    H735 Heckler AV Credenza 4U
    H891 Heckler AV Credenza Mini

    When wall mounted in the guide path, each ADA Panel redefines the guide path by three inches. As objects mounted 27 to 80 inches AFF may protrude into the guide path by four inches, displays and other objects directly above the the ADA Panel may protrude seven inches from the wall.