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Heckler Camera Shelf XL for Monitor Arms


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Elevate your video conferencing and online streaming setup with the Heckler Camera Shelf, made for monitor arms. Near-universal compatibility lets you bring your cameras, microphones, and lights together with your monitor to keep your video streaming organized with a clean look.

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Heckler Camera Shelf for Monitor Arms
Heckler Camera Shelf XL for Monitor Arms
Heckler Camera Shelf XL for Monitor Arms
Camera Shelf by Heckler for Online Streaming
Designed and Made in Arizona
Durable Finish
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All lights, all cameras, all action

Whether you're interested in a home video conferencing camera shelf for work, or marathon streaming Among Us to your Twitch audience, the devices you need are compatible with the Heckler Camera Shelf. Good for mounting lights, cameras, and microphones above your monitor, you can neatly organize your streaming setup to either impress your clients to secure that big sale, or impress your audience as you secure the enemy team's flag.

No display is too wide

At 23 inches wide, the Heckler Camera Shelf XL can fit with a wide array of monitors, both curved and not. The shelf can be secured at different heights above your monitor for larger displays and lower for the smaller ones. If you're using a monitor arm, our shelf will work with it.

Create your perfect angle

The Camera Shelf can be mounted facing either direction to create an overhang above your monitor or extend behind it for access to lower angles. Combined with the flexible height selection during installation, you can get your gear perfectly positioned with whatever monitor you have.

Keep those cables clean

No streaming and videoconferencing setup worth its weight in 12-gauge aluminum would be complete without a clean cable management solution. Incidentally, our video shelf is made of 12-gauge aluminum for a rigid, sturdy mounting surface that won't weigh your monitor arm down.

One slot fits all

Using a series of ¼-20 mounting slots across the top of the shelf ensures near-universal compatibility with camera, light, and microphone mounts. If it fits, it sits.

Simple installation

Using the included spacers and screws, installing the camera display shelf between your monitor arm and monitor is a breeze.

Perfect for use with Tripod Heads (sold separately)

For that extra level of control, the Camera Shelf can be used as a mount for our Tripod Head accessory. And if you already have any ¼-20 tripod heads, the shelf will play nice with those too.

In the box.

Heckler Camera Shelf for Monitor Arms
1/4”-20 mounting screws
M4 mounting screws
Mounting spacers

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    Powdercoated Aluminum



    Product Dimensions

    23.1 x 11.7 x 3.1 inches
    586 x 297 x 78 mm

    Product Weight

    1.4 lbs / 0.7 kg

    Shipping Dimensions

    24 x 12 x 4 inches
    610 x 305 x 105 mm

    Shipping Weight

    1.7 lbs / 0.8 kg


    Display with VESA 100x100 mounting patterns


    2 years

    Country of Origin


Customer Reviews

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How is EVERYONE not talking about this???

I’ve been unhappy with my desk for a long time and now that I’m full time remote, it’s become an even bigger headache. My desk is excruciatingly small and I can’t attach clamps which always leaves it feeling claustrophobic. I decided to treat myself with a fancy DSLR/Elgato Cam Link setup for video conferencing but I had no way to elegantly - and safely! - keep the camera and my lighting off my desk so I don’t lose precious real estate. This solved my problem AND I was still able to use my screen light bar as my lamp. I don’t even know how I stumbled across this product but I’m so grateful. It seriously solves such a huge problem and it was easy to install and adjust. Thank you!

Thanks, Brittany. We're glad it did the trick!

Awesome! Perfect Solution

The Heckler camera shelf attached to my EVEO monitor arm that holds my newer LG 27” 4K Monitor with my existing hardware. My older model LG 27”4K monitor, on the other monitor arm, would have needed the additional hardware that came with camera shelf because of the inset for the VESA mount. The Heckler Tripod Head fit like a glove. My webcam is now secure and very easy to adjust. Highly recommend both products.