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Heckler Lectern 4U

The sit/stand lectern for the classroom of tomorrow.


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Color – White

Heckler Lectern 4U revolutionizes instruction spaces like classrooms, active learning environments, and smaller learning areas. It's not just a height-adjustable desk but a comprehensive solution that enhances the experience for instructors, AV teams, and learners alike. Designed with universal accessibility, it's future-proofed for evolving technology needs. Its aesthetics aren't just for show; they're integral to its function, making it a hit across your organization. This lectern is more than a piece of furniture – it's a key part of a dynamic, inclusive, and technologically advanced learning environment.

The package includes the lectern desktop, component storage, sit/stand columns, feet, and lifting components. Please note that modesty panels, console inserts, casters, desk pads, and other accessories are sold separately.

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Heckler Lectern 4U
Heckler Lectern 4U
Heckler Lectern 4U Desktop View
Heckler Lectern 4U - Active Learning Desk
Heckler Lectern 4U - Black Grey
Heckler Lectern 4U w/ Modesty Panels
Heckler Lectern 4U
Heckler Lectern 4U
Designed and Made in Arizona
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All teachers are rockstars.

Heckler understands that every instructor, whether standing or seated, deserves a uniformly excellent experience. That's why our lectern is thoughtfully designed with a height-adjustable desktop, moving seamlessly between 30 to 50 inches. This flexibility not only accommodates instructors of all statures but also ensures ADA compliance. The result? A comfortable, accessible, and adaptable teaching environment for everyone.

Room to think. Space to instruct.

For the modern instructor, a cramped podium just won't cut it. Our design recognizes that today's educators need ample space to manage their teaching tools effectively. That's why our lectern offers a generously sized desktop area, providing more than enough room for a computer, notebook, and other essential teaching aids, ensuring everything is at their fingertips for a seamless teaching experience.

Components inside the desktop.

Our unique lift-up desktop offers easy and secure access to all the vital components for an effective learning experience. With immediate access to both the front and rear of 4RU of component storage, configuration, upgrades, and maintenance is a walk in the park.

Ready for your next-gen tech - and the gen after that one.

Heckler Lectern's console is designed for adaptability, seamlessly accommodating your current and future tech needs. Our Console Inserts support a variety of touch screens, microphones, courtesy IO options. Plus, with our expanding range of console inserts, you can easily integrate popular devices and smoothly transition to new technologies.

Get on the grid.

Experience streamlined cable management with our innovative grid system. It offers precise cable routing, neat organization, and easy access in and out of the lectern, all tool-free. This system not only secures small components effortlessly but also enhances airflow, reducing the need for additional cooling fans.

Maximize your tech setup.

Lectern 4U's dual 2RU component racks, side-by-side, offer efficient storage for essential tech in distance and active learning spaces. The design smartly places component connections close to displays, touchscreens, microphones, and IO ports. This results in a modern, minimalist look that's both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Under lock & key.

Enhance your learning space's security and reliability with the Heckler Lectern's lockable desktop. This feature ensures exclusive access for your technical team to vital components and the classroom computer.

Cable management options.

The Heckler Lectern is designed for flexibility, accommodating third-party sit/stand cabling umbilicals and facilitating the integration of existing cable setups to suit various environments.

Hold my Stanley.

Spice up your day with our optional cup holder - not just for your average joe! Whether it’s a latte, water bottle, or a soda can, this holder grips them all, keeping spills at bay and your drink close at hand.

Rolling into the classroom of tomorrow.

The Heckler Lectern comes standard with leveling feet, ensuring stability across various surfaces. For those seeking mobility in dynamic learning environments, we also offer optional locking casters. These casters transform the lectern into a mobile unit, perfect for engaging and active educational settings.

In the box.

Lectern 4U Main Body
Lectern 4U Sit/Stand Lifting Columns
Lectern 4U Sit/Stand Feet
Lectern 4U Sit/Stand Control Components
Assembly Hardware

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  • Heckler SKU



    Powder coated Steel
    Powder coated Aluminum
    Stainless Steel


    Lectern 4U Main Body - 2 years
    Lectern 4U Sit/Stand Lifting Columns - 5 years
    Lectern 4U Sit/Stand Control Components - 5 years

    Country of Origin


  • Product Dimension
    40.6 x 30.3 x Height: 30.1 to 49.7inches
    1031 x 770 x Height: 765 to 1262mm

    Product Weight
    87 lbs / 40 kg

    Shipping Dimensions
    41.2 x 48.2 x 7.2 inches
    1047 x 1225 x 183 mm

    Shipping Weight
    101 lbs / 46 kg

  • Height Adjustable Range
    19.7 inches ( 30in to 49.7in AFF)

    Maximum Load Capacity
    250 lb.