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PoE to USB-C Power and Data Adapter


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Connect to USB-C PD Enabled Devices like iPad Mini 6th Generation and iPad 10th Generation with both power and data. This rugged, affordable device converts normal, IEEE 802.3af PoE into USB-C power delivery (PD) and data with an integrated USB-C right-angle cable.

  • Place your iPad where you want even without an AC outlet nearby
  • Compatible with USB-C Power Delivery
  • Delivers up to 95 Mbps (Fast Ethernet) wired data to your device
  • Input voltage range 44v to 56v POE
  • Output voltage 5 volts 2 amp -
  • Tested with iPad 10th Generation, iPad Air 4th & 5th Generation, and iPad Mini 6th Generation
  • Compatible with your existing IEEE 802.3af PoE switch or injector (sold separately)

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PoE to USB-C Power and Data Adapter
PoE to USB-C Power and Data Adapter
PoE to USB-C Power and Data Adapter
Designed and Made in Arizona
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PoE to USB-C Power and Data Adapter

User Guide


  • Adapter length
    3 inches

    Cable connector length
    36 inches

    Cable connectors
    USB-C Male - Integrated

    CE, RoHS

    Data Rate
    10/100 Mbps

    3x1x1.5 in.

  • Input voltage
    44 to 56 volts

    LED Indicator
    Green - PoE; Yellow - Activity

    Max Voltage
    5 volts

    Max. Amps Per Port
    2 amp (PD Profile)

    Operating Humidity
    5% to 90%

    Operating Temperature Range
    -10 - 60C

    PoE Mode/Pinout
    Mode A (-1,2 +3,6)/Mode B (+4,5 -7,8)