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@Rest - Universal Tablet Stand

Commercial-Grade iPad & Tablet Holder


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Built of heavy steel with a beautiful finish, @Rest is no flimsy gadget accessory‚ high-end furniture for your tablet. Thanks to @Rest's adjustable pegs, it's compatible with virtually any tablet. @Rest is also sturdy enough to support your other technology loves, be it a MacBook Pro or the slim MacBook Air.

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@Rest - Universal Tablet Stand
@Rest Tablet Stand H234
@Rest - Universal Tablet Stand
@Rest - Universal Tablet Stand
@Rest - Universal Tablet Stand
Designed and Made in Arizona
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Universal Compatibility.

Whether it's your iPad, Surface, or Galaxy tablet, @Rest is the perfect companion for virtually any tablet thanks to it's adjustable pegs. Simply slide the pegs out, determine which of the three width settings is appropriate, and slide them back in to make sure your tablet fits snugly in its stand.

Slimmed, Yet Sturdy.

The original sturdy tablet stand you know and love just went on a diet. This updated @Rest is now perfectly scaled for large and small tablets, all while requiring far less steel than our previous design.

Dual Resting Angles.

The @Rest features both 60º and 30º resting angles. Use the 60º angle to prop the tablet upright while using your tablet as a wireless jukebox on your living room coffee table. The 30º angle provides a more relaxed position for when you're following cooking instructions in the kitchen. Finding the right resting angle is as simple as moving the pegs around.

Cord Channeling.

@Rest is your tablet's favorite place to relax and recharge. Our cord channeling features lets you charge your device while it's at rest.

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@REST Stand

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    Powdercoated Steel

  • Product Dimensions

    4.8 x 6.5 x 3.2 inches
    122 x 165 x 81 mm

    Product Weight

    1.5 lbs / 0.7 kg

    Shipping Dimensions

    5 x 6 x 4 inches
    127 x 152 x 102 mm

    Shipping Weight

    2 lbs / 0.9 kg

  • Warranty

    2 years

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Greg B
Simple but great quality

The product description says it all and does not lie. The metal is heavy enough to hold properly, the base is large enough to be extremely stable even with a 12.9’ ipad pro.
The modularity is great. Switch the rubber pads and your stand becomes a support to write and draw.
Perfect to use the iPad as a “Sidecar” of a laptop or bigger computer, vertical or horizontal.

It’s my second Heckler product and the quality is still there.

Elfriede Rucker
Rest stand iPad

The best stand for iPads. When I was not happy with any iPad stands many years ago, I found “Heckler”! Happy and satisfied, actually loving it, now when I needed another one, I knew where to look! The stands are indestructible, solid and they stay where one puts then. Don’t fall over or wander away! Simply said, the Best ever!

Lynda DeTray
Universal stand

I have had this stand for as long as I've had a tablet and I just received a second one for my husband. Together, we've used it for an Amazon Fire tablet, a Samsung Note, a Samsung Galaxy S5E and numerous cellphones. The viewing angles are great, and the sturdiness is exceptional. Great price and fast shipping!

Kit Schooley
'@Rest stand

This is my fourth stand in four years for my iPad. The prior stands either lose their strength encouraging the device to slip and fall flat, or they aren't wide enough to hold the device and type on it simultaneously, thus tipping.. The HecklerDesign stand appears to overcome both problems. I now miss the protective covering for transporting, though.

Universal Stand

I have been looking for a stand for my tablet but I needed one that offered a cord channel. I do some office work at home and needed something that could be used on a table or in my lap. Everything I looked at seemed too bulky, I wanted something more petite. This stand is exactly what I wanted. It works perfectly on the table and in my lap. Very sturdy, well built, worth every penny. I am completely satisfied.