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Stand Prime for iPad 9th Generation

Secure iPad POS Stand, Enclosure & Holder


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With WindFall Stand Prime iPad holder, we’ve made our patented WindFall iPad Stand even better with enhanced security and broader card reader support. This is the perfect, modern iPad stand for your business or shop. PivotTable sold separately.

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Stand Prime for iPad 9th Generation
Stand Prime for iPad 9th Generation
Commercial Grade iPad Stand
Designed and Made in Arizona
Durable Finish
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Looking good.

The Stand Prime lets you keep your iPad safe and secure. With support for iPad 7th, 8th, and 9th Generation you'll find a Heckler Stand Prime that fits your needs.

Elegant Security.

Your iPad isn't going anywhere. Our patented tablet brackets closely contour and capture your iPad's corners with heavy steel while securing your power and accessory cables. For the extra-security conscious, there's also an anchor slot for use with the Kensington Clicksafe Lock (sold separately).

Slide. Or don't.

Each Stand includes two sets of adhesive feet. Felt feet for when you'd like your display to slide around, and rubber friction feet for when you'd like it to stay put.

Tamper-Resistant Assembly.

Practicality doesn't have to compromise good looks. WindFall Stand Prime's fingerprint-resistant and scratch-resistant powder coat finish is as durable as it is gorgeous. Stand Prime's tamper-resistant, stainless steel hardware gives you the peace of mind to be able to leave your tablet unattended.

Fully Functional.

However, security need not equate to a lack of functionality. With the WindFall Stand Prime iPad enclosure, every camera, button, switch, speaker, and port remains functional and accessible.

Spin with Pivot hole.

Compatible with our PivotTable or PivotTack (sold separately) in the center hole for easy swiveling, letting your customer get access to the tablet during transactions.

Slide with Pivot slot.

Got a wider countertop? No problem. Install the PivotTable or PivotTack in the pivot-and-slide slot to allow your Stand to reach across to your customers instead of your customers reaching out to it.

Mounting Solutions - Pivot Tack

Each Stand Prime iPad holder is compatible with PivotTack (sold separately). For a setup where you'd like the stand to be hard installed into the countertop, but still have the flexibility to swivel the stand and have nice, clean cable management.

Mounting Solutions - Pivot Table

Each Stand Prime iPad holder is compatible with PivotTable (sold separately), the versatile mounting accessory for WindFall products. Use the included double-sided adhesive disc to secure it down to your countertop, or in the pivot-and-slide slot to allow your Stand to reach across to your customers.

Mounting Solutions - Kensington Locks

Each Stand Prime iPad holder is compatible with Kensington ClickSafe Cable Lock to the Stand's base or to the PivotTable for added security.

In the box.

Stand Prime for iPad
Four Felt Feet
Four Rubber Feet
Tamper-resistant Key

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  • Heckler SKU


    Compatible Devices

    iPad 7th Generation 10-2-inch
    iPad 8th Generation 10-2-inch
    iPad 9th Generation 10-2-inch


    Powdercoated Steel

  • Product Dimensions

    9.9 x 6.1 x 6.0 inches
    251 x 156 x 153 mm

    Product Weight

    2.5 lbs / 1.2 kg

    Shipping Dimensions

    11 x 7x 7 inches
    280 x 178 x 178 mm

    Shipping Weight

    3 lbs / 1.4 kg

  • Warranty

    2 years

    Compatible Card Readers

    Eventbrite, Groupon Payments, ID TECH Shuttle, ID TECH UniMag II, ID TECH UniMag Pro, ID TECH UniPay Card Reader, ID TECH iMag Pro II, ID TECH iMag Pro, ID TECH iSmart, Intuit GoPayment, MagTek Dynamag, MagTek iDynamo, MagTek uDynamo, PayAnywhere (Apple Pay, EMV), PayPal Here, ROAMPay, Rambler, Square Reader 2014, SumUp, Verifone SAIL, iDynamo 5

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Great Product

Heckler makes great products. Period. Built to last and with features you'll really appreciate. They know how to design. I'm a fan for life.