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Wall Mount MX for iPad 10th Generation

Commercial-Grade Low-Profile Wall Mount for iPad 10th Generation


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Wall-mounting iPad in commercial and home environments has hundreds of potential uses - from delivery service management and home automation to digital patient charting and employee time clocks. Wall Mount MX secures your iPad close to the wall for great esthetics while providing your administrator physical access to buttons, microphones, and speakers.

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Wall Mount MX for iPad 10th Generation
Wall Mount MX for iPad 10th Generation
Wall Mount MX for iPad 10th Generation
Wall Mount MX for iPad 10th Generation
Wall Mount MX for iPad 10th Generation
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Slim, sleek, and floating in thin air.

Wall-mount iPad 10th Generation with beautiful esthetics that complements both the iPad and your home or business. Rather than transforming your beautiful iPad into a boring box, Wall Mount MX presents as a sculptured plain floating confidently, proud of your wall.


Wall Mount MX gives you ultimate control and flexibility to choose your favorite power and data solutions. When mounted to any conventional single-gang or double-gang box, you can implement the latest and greatest PoE, PoE+, and UPoE adapters, with or without Ethernet data support.

Secured. Not enclosed.

Tucked neatly out-of-site behind the sculpted front bezel, your buttons, speakers, and microphones remain unblocked and functional. Need to create a public kiosk? Use the Guided Access feature built into iPadOS to restrict button functionality for your administrators. Mount MX's design also includes a steel tab to reduce access to the USB-C cable.

In the box.

Wall Mount MX for iPad
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    Compatible Devices

    iPad 10th Generation

  • Product Dimensions
    11.18 x 8.5 x 0.62 inches
    284 x 215 x 16 mm

    Product Weight
    2 lbs / 0.9 kg

    Shipping Dimensions
    11.4 x 8.7 x 0.9 inches
    290 x 221 x 23 mm

    Shipping Weight
    2.5 lbs / 1.1 kg

  • Material
    Powdercoated Steel

    2 years