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Zoom Rooms Console for iPad mini 6th Generation

Secure iPad mini 6th Gen Console for Zoom Video Conferencing Control


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Designed in collaboration with the Zoom team specifically to control Zoom Rooms, this striking hardware enables you to use iPad mini 6th Generation without compromise. Sleek looks, commercial-grade construction, beautiful finish, theft resistance, and optional PoE power with Ethernet networking combine to produce an object you’d be proud to place between your CEO and your biggest client.

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Zoom Rooms Console for iPad mini 6th Generation
Zoom Rooms Console for iPad mini 6th Generation
Zoom Rooms Console for iPad mini 6th Generation
Zoom Rooms Console for iPad mini 6th Generation
Designed and Made in Arizona
Durable Finish
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Low & Mobile.

Zoom Rooms Console’s 30-degree angle is perfect to control your video meeting and to create a last-minute attendee invite. It also keeps your controller from blocking the view of your meeting participants.

Felt feet on the underside enables you to slide Zoom Rooms Console across your meeting room table.

Heckler AV Cart Compatible.

Prefer your Zoom Rooms on the go? No problem. With Zoom Rooms Console’s VESA 75 and VESA 100 mounting positions you can mount your Zoom Rooms controller to Heckler AV Cart.

Good Looks From All Angles.

We know your video conference controller sits between you and your most important customers, so we carefully designed Zoom Rooms Console to impress from the front, the side, and the rear.

Tamper-Resistant Assembly.

Thanks to Zoom Rooms Console’s use of tamper-resistant assembly hardware and included cord anchor, your video conferencing controller won’t "walk away" from your meeting room tables.

PoE Power + Ethernet Adapters Available.

Bring reliable power and Ethernet networking to your Zoom Rooms Console to keep your controller on the very same network as your Zoom Rooms Codec, delivering an added level of reliability to your video conferences.

Compatible With Zoom Rooms Direct Share.

To help you share content in your Zooms Rooms meetings, the Zoom Rooms Controller app ultrasonically emits the meeting ID into the room. Zoom Rooms Console is designed with audio pass-through ports to ensure nearby notebooks, tablets, and phones receive this signal.

In the box.

Zoom Rooms Console
VESA mounting hardware
Assembly tool
Right-angle USB-C Adapter (included in H655)

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  • Heckler SKU

    Compatible Devices
    iPad mini (6th Gen)

    Powdercoated Steel

  • Product Dimensions
    9.6 x 4.2 x 6.1 inches
    243 x 106 x 156 mm

    Product Weight
    3.5 lbs / 1.6 kg

    Shipping Dimensions
    10 x 4 x 5 inches
    254 x 102 x 127 mm

    Shipping Weight
    4 lbs / 1.8 kg

  • Compatible Apps
    Zoom Rooms

    Viewing Angle
    30 degrees

    2 years