Hardware for the Hybrid Workplace

Hardware for the Hybrid Workplace

Let’s face it, we’re living in a new normal. With a worldwide pandemic still disrupting daily life, it’s important to adapt to new ways of doing things, especially in the modern workplace. 

At Heckler, we’ve experienced first hand what it’s like to work from home for an extended period of time. We’ve also experienced what it’s like to have employees in-office and others working remotely. Needless to say, we couldn’t emphasize more the importance of frequent communication between all our employees, wherever they might be.

That’s where hybrid workspaces come into play. You may have heard of them, in fact, you might be reading this while in one right now. An effective hybrid workspace is designed to enhance and enable seamless communication between both in-office and remote workers

These days, and for the foreseeable future, it seems that any meeting in the office might have one or two remote attendees, if not dozens of them. Meeting rooms without AV technology might have worked in the past but they’re looking more and more like ancient relics due to the flood of demand for hybrid collaboration.

Companies are scrambling to update their offices and meeting rooms so they’re equipped to handle remote attendees. Unfortunately, we’re still seeing companies employ provisional and short-term thinking that will lead to the need for upgrades far sooner than anticipated. At Heckler, we help organizations make smart investments into hybrid offices, solutions designed with the future in mind.

With Heckler’s AV Credenza, for example, you can have your AV technology pre-configured off-site, making mass deployment quick and efficient. Not only that, but if you decide to move your AV technology to a different location, it’s already contained in an easily-transportable Heckler AV Credenza. As individual components are upgraded to keep your hybrid systems state-of-the-art, your AV Credenza remains, for many years.

heckler av credenza 2U

The same goes for Heckler’s AV Carts. For starters, we can ship up to ten Heckler AV Carts on a single skid, five to ten times more efficient than our competitors. Once the carts have arrived at your facility, they can all be assembled, nested, and configured in one location, then rolled out to their final destinations, making deployment as smooth as possible.

heckler av cart for logitech rally bar

Better yet, we’ve designed Heckler hardware to fit seamlessly with premier AV technology like Logitech Rally Bar, Microsoft Surface Hub, Google Meet, Huddly IQ, and countless others. We’re not slowing down anytime soon either. With the need for hybrid offices to become more universal, we’re continuing to put new designs on the market, ensuring the latest and greatest technology can fit flawlessly into your organization.

To learn more about how Heckler can help you create a hybrid workplace, contact our sales team or a Heckler dealer near you.