The Best Modern Tech Hardware & Products for the Office

The Best Modern Tech Hardware & Products for the Office

The way we work has gone through a radical transformation through 2020 and shows no signs of stopping in 2021. As the capabilities of the modern work environment expand to our home offices, the technology we use to keep connected is more central to our lives than ever before. Companies are looking to equip their offices and team members with the best modern technology to stay connected and productive. The best modern tech deserves the best modern tech hardware, so for 2021 and beyond, here are a few products that can help businesses equip their offices, whether at home or not.

The Best Modern Laptop & iPad Hardware for your office

Recent iPad updates have made Apple’s tablet an even more viable laptop replacement option, adding mouse and keyboard support. Whether you’re using your iPad as your primary display, for video conferencing, or as an additional display to your primary one, the iPad Desk Stand is the perfect companion hardware to one of the most versatile devices around. And don’t let the name fool you, it’s compatible with any tablet you have.

The big brother of the aforementioned iPad Stand, the MacBook Stand (also compatible with nearly every laptop imaginable) keeps your laptop at an ergonomic height for your workday - no need to hunch over your desk. Also perfect in the office to use your MacBook as a second screen while plugged into a primary display.

With the new wireless MagSafe charging feature on iPhone 12, the ability to keep your iPhone topped off while also in eyeshot has never been easier. Keeping your iPhone 12 elevated for easy access and secured onto the stand via its MagSafe charger (sold separately), the iPhone 12 MagSafe Stand lets you pick up and go with your phone without the hassle of that one second it takes to unplug and replug it in. Modern problems require modern solutions.

The Best AV Hardware for your conference and meeting rooms

Modernize the AV carts in your workspace with a rolling stand that is attractive, space-saving, and future-ready. With Heckler AV Cart Base Configuration you can accessorize your rolling stands to keep your organization connected with the latest technology. There is a buffet of configurations available, starting with the Base Configuration for basic display mounting and a la carte configuration, up to the fully featured AV Cart Prime. Bigger displays have a home on the AV Cart XL, and configurations specifically designed for Logitech and Google Meet conferencing tech are available as well.

Deploying state-of-the-art video conferencing systems can be a challenge with all the stakeholders involved - facilities managers, interior designers, executives, ADA compliance, and electricians all have to be happy with the hardware solution. Heckler AV Credenza answers these challenges in style. Enabling vertical rack-mounting in a modern tech aesthetic, the Credenza 2U and Credenza 6U can contain all the gear you could possibly need.

In the office or at home, never underestimate the power of mounting an iPad on your wall. The Heckler Wall Mount line is great for in-office meeting controllers and conference schedulers, automation, security camera monitoring, or just to control your music - giving public access to any apps your team needs helps keep everyone on the same page. Except for whoever it is who keeps putting on Rick Astley.

heckler ipad multi mount

For those of us finally getting back to the office and actually seeing people face to face, room scheduling is as easy as it is attractive with our suite of Room Scheduling mounts. With video conferencing becoming a standard of modern tech, using a room scheduler to keep your video meetings and in-person meetings connected is important, so why not do them both at the same time with your favorite iOS compatible meeting app?

The Best Point of Sale Hardware for your Restaurant or Shop

The in-person retail experience is set to come back in a big way in 2021, and countertop signage and point of sale enclosures are a key part of customer experience. Whether a self-help solution is needed, or a good old fashioned checkout stand, creating a simple, attractive point-of-sale setup requires little more than an iPad and some modern hardware to go with it. With our line of countertop iPad stands lets you transact with your customers in understated style.