Working from home?  Check out these home office products for the perfect workstation setup

Working from home? Check out these home office products for the perfect workstation setup

2020 may be behind us, but its ghost continues to linger into 2021. While a return to offices is on the horizon, many of us are still looking for ways to make sure we have the best and coolest home office setup possible. Being an all-in-one design and manufacturing company has its perks when we're forced to work from home and go about creating our home office setups. Through the experience, we've designed some modern home office accessories that we wished we had, and now we can't imagine working without. Here are our recommendations for home office setup ideas, and the products we think can help you create your best home office for 2021 and beyond.

Keep your chin up - literally

Working a full day hunched over your laptop is no way to treat yourself. Raising your laptop up to eye level for longtime use can reduce considerable strain on your neck and back. With this in mind, we've produced the MacBook Stand. Don't let the name fool you, this will work with nearly any laptop, and the adjustable pegs can help keep laptops of different sizes and thicknesses secure while the elevated height keeps you working ergonomically for as long as you need to. This has been a lifesaver, and is crucial in our home office laptop setups.

Be picture perfect

Making sure you're equipped with the ideal home videoconferencing gear was of course step one of this process. You have your webcam, your microphone, or even some lighting to make you look your best. But making sure all these things are working together without turning your desk into a disaster is the next hurdle - one we felt hard. Enter the Camera Shelf for 27-inch iMac and the Camera Shelf for Monitor Arms. Designed for their listed devices, the Heckler Camera shelf can keep all your videoconferencing equipment organized and keep you in control - a home office organization product that has saved our cluttered sanity.

Keep your energy topped off while you work

Perish the thought of not having your iPhone within arm's reach throughout the day. The addition of wireless MagSafe charging is big for the iPhone, and now the most modern phone on the market has a modern desktop accessory it can rest on - the iPhone 12 MagSafe Stand. Removing the need to plug and plug your phone to charge while still being able to monitor it keeps your desktop looking clean, cool, and functional.

Multitask with multiscreens

Sometimes one screen can't contain the sheer amount of tabs you have open while you work - trust us, we know. Fortunately, iPads can be used as a second display with your MacBook or iMac using Sidecar. And if your main display is at eye level, why not treat your iPad the same with the iPad Desk Stand. Perfect if you want your iPad to work as your dedicated videoconferencing device or as a second screen, this baby is useful both on and off hours.

Make sure your assistant is within earshot

What luxury home office would be without an assistant there to serve at you beck and call? Fortunately, with Apple's release of the HomePod mini, now you can ensure that you feel like the boss you are by keep it within earshot using the HomePod mini Wall Mount. Whether you want to turn on some music to focus, place a call to a colleague, or just turn up the brightness of your smart lights to keep you awake, Siri will provide some loyal support from a sleek perch. When this is set up, it definitely becomes one of the coolest home office accessories you'll use throughout your day.