4 Perfect Modern Tech Gifts for the Holiday Giving Season

4 Perfect Modern Tech Gifts for the Holiday Giving Season

As 2020 comes to an end and the holiday season begins, we look back on a year where work from home and distance learning became a part of everyday life for many of us. Outfitting your home workstation with the best hardware to make your workspace comfortable and productive has never been more important. While a stack of old books on your desk might get your laptop up to eye level, it’s not exactly the sturdy, quality design we would recommend in a solution. If someone you know is in line for an upgrade, here are few gift ideas that will improve their home productivity well beyond Christmas and Haunukkah. 

iPhone 12 MagSafe Stand

Perfect as a complement for any Apple iPhone 12s that may be under the tree, the MagSafe Stand is the perfect home base for your phone to return to after a long day of use. Even before that happens, it acts as a perfect dock for your phone on your desk, kitchen counter, or bedside table and allows for hands-free use to watch movies, view recipes, or video chat - all while your phone is charging on it's MagSafe charger. 

MacBook Stand

Keeping your laptop at an ergonomic height and letting you comfortably type and gesture on your trackpad, the MacBook Stand is the solution to a lot of the common problems of spending all day working on a laptop. With the sturdiness of a mounted solution built into a mobile stand that can be moved from your desk to your dinner table, you’re never tethered down to one place. Designed with Apple MacBooks in mind but compatible with a wide variety of computers, this laptop stand is the definition of understated elegance. 

iPad Desk Stand

If your work setup utilizes a tablet, the iPad Desk Stand is the perfect blend of form and function you’re looking for. Keeping your tablet up at an ergonomic height, the unique split design lets you manage your power cord in a clean fashion. Perfect for those long teleconference meetings and distance learning classes, this stand can either be the centerpiece of your workspace, or the companion to your primary work machine. Whether you’re rocking an Air, Pro, or even if you’re using a different tablet entirely, you’d be hard pressed to find a more modern design in an iPad desktop holder.


Heavy steel and a beautiful finish come together for the ultimate in universal compatibility. Deceptively simple, the minimalist design of the @Rest allows you to leverage it as an iPad holder, a laptop stand, a charging stand for your phone, or even something to hold your book while you read. The adjustable pegs allow for a wide range of device and object widths, and the ability to adjust the angle by swapping the pegs from one side of the stand to the other allow for maximum versatility. Coupled with the compact size allows you to easily move your hands-free setup from one room to another, this little stand goes a long way. 

Productivity-minded gifts for the design-conscious person in your life, all sourced locally and made in the USA.